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The Problem: How do we make sure that we get true reviews from real people?

We all need to know how we are doing from time to time - so do stores when you are buying from them!
But to know how we are doing we need feedback from others like you?
So what do we need to do to get your


We need to turn around the way we collect "feedback"

Every review counts and becomes big

seas of experience

Your opinion is added every time you use our mobile app in a store to give your feedback!

We will therefore rethink, rearrange and turn around the way we collect feedback.

And did I forget to tell you ... jello flipIn with display time

... the only limit is your

want to know more?

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one more thing...

... did I forget to tell you the name of the mobile app?

- it is BuzzBee*!

... don't tell anyone :-)

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